Sitting on Anthills


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Everyone is familiar with the famous "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" best know for being used by Newton[1]. Although it is unmistakably true that essential scientific breakthroughs are contributed by genius giants, pretending that they actually stand on each other shoulders is probably not quite near to reality.

Research is done by thousands of ants, each of them individually producing more or less ground breaking and useful tidbits of science, contributing here and there to their own niche subject, crossing borders once in a while, mainly looking for their own Holy Grail (no, not this one). If the Giant's hadn't been sitting on anthills, they probably wouldn't have seen what they saw.


  1. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, first recorded in the twelfth century and attributed to Bernard of Chartres. It was famously uttered by seventeenth-century scientist Isaac Newton. [1]
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