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1.1. Browsing Data and Datasets

When accessing the 'Bowse Data' link, the user is presented with a list of available items: data sets (default), document page images or both. All items in the list are active links and redirect to a detailed description page. Sorting and displaying options, as well as a search field are available as well.

Displayed Data

By default the user is presented with all available Root datasets. Root datasets are datasets that are not contained in any other dataset (i.e. they are not subsets of some other collection). The filter options at the top banner allow to change the default presentation and switch to:

  • All: displaying datasets and document page images together;
  • Datasets: displaying all datasets (not only root datasets);
  • Root Datasets: only displaying those datasets that are not a subset of another one;
  • Page Images: only displaying individual document page images (potentially huge !)

Displayed data items are associated with their rating (number of stars) and their frequency of usage (numeric value).

Sorting Options

By default data is ordered by increasing age (most recent contributions first). The sorting options are:

  • New: default option, ordering by most recent items first;
  • Top Rated: descending order of star rating;
  • Popular: descending order from most used to less used.

Search and Selection

The search tab at the top right part of the page allows to search for tag names or dataset names.