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Providing Benchmarking Services for Hosting International Contests

One of the clearly stated goals of the DAE project is to provide the Document Analysis Community with tools that will allow it to increase its impact and efficientcy. One of these tools is to allow researchers to compare their methods and approaches with each other in an undisputable and objective way.

One way to achieve this is to conceive and host contests. The idea of a contest is to define a task where the input and output are clearly identified. All participants should comply to the given specifications, and their algorithms should provide their results in the defined format, given the defined input.

Supposing the Algorithm Hosting task has been solved, define and implement the needed services and tools that would allow a duly registered user to define input and output formats, comparison metrics and reporting tools on the one side, and the automation of the contest (including collection of results and generation of final report) on the other side.