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Document Analysis and Exploitation

Directors: Profs. Henry S. Baird, Daniel P. Lopresti & Hank F. Korth.

Other Faculty: Profs. Brian Davison & Jeff Heflin.

Students: Chang An, Pingping Xiu, Dawei (David) Yin, Dezhao Song, Michael D. Kot, Michael J. Caffrey, Sai Lu Mon Aung.

Visiting Research Scientists: Prof. Bart Lamiroy of LORIA INPL - Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France, is with us during 2010. Also, Dr. Siyuan Chen is serving a PostDoc with through the rest of 2010. Prof. Ergina Kavallieratou of the University of the Aegean, Greece visited us in December 2009.
Key Technical Goals:

In partnership with BBN Technologies (Cambridge, MA): Prem Natarajan, Vice President, Speech, Language, and Multimedia. Contract administered by DARPA Information Processing Technology Office: Joseph Olive, Program Manager.