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Copyright and Data Submission

By submitting a dataset for inclusion to the DAE project, you certify that you have the right to publish the dataset and any associated data in the public domain and the act of doing so does not violate intellectual property rights or copyrights of some third party. The DAE project provides a service through which the submitted dataset and any associated data will be made public to the Document Analysis research community worldwide. In case any legal dispute arises in the future in relation to the publishing of this dataset and associated data in the public domain, you agree on holding the DAE project and its members free from any wrongdoing and accept responsibility for the publication of these data. By submitting a dataset and associated data to the DAE project, you explicitly accept that any third party can independently submit additional information that relates to the original dataset (e.g. additional ground-truth data, software, etc). We strongly encourage you, in the case you own the copyrights of the submitted data, to consider offering it to the community under a creative commons license.